I went to United States for 11 months by AFS. During my stay in US, I had a billion of good experiences. So I would like to talk about three things: my high school, my music activity after school and my AFS experiences.

With my AFS friends from Paraguay, Thai and Bosnia.

First, I would like to talk about the high school. I attended one of the best music high schools in Houston, Texas. Although my school is small, and there are just 700 students there, all my friends are energetic, kind, nice and studious. Anyway I belonged to orchestra, and I played the concert as a concerto mistress and top side twice. I played Symphony No.5 by Tchaikovsky and this experience made me feel how important music is!! Besides orchestra, I enjoyed other music classes like Strings, Music Theory and so on. Speaking of my class mates, I respect all my classmates and they respect me at the same time.

Second, let me talk about my music experience. Outside of high school, I entered a youth competition which was held in Rice University, Houston. I played Saint-Saens violin concerto No.3. My host mom helped me a lot to win this competition. She found my accompanist, and the people who made the tape for this competition secretariat. Finally, I was selected one of 10 finalists, which is a big honor. Through this competition, I realized what I wanted to be in the future: answer is a violinist!!!
And I met one of the Japanese astronauts in November. He is Mr. Koichi Wakata. I played the violin for him at his encouragement rally. He is going to go to International Space Station again for 6 months. We talked about how hard the life in space is! I am glad he likes my violin sound!!

With my host mother

Third, I am going to talk about AFS life. Speaking of Houston, we have Houston Symphony Orchestra, Houston Grand Opera, Houston Ballet, aquarium, zoo and of course Jonson space center.
My AFS friends from India and Ghana and I went to NASA since we are interested in space. We appreciate that we could stay in Houston. AFS Houston took all the AFS student to Houston Rodeo in February. It is said that Houston Rodeo is one of the biggest rodeo of the world. It was amazing!!

Last I would like to thank all AFS the volunteers in Japan and America. I especially thank the Japan Society because they gave me a great chance to stay in Houston for 10 months and 19 days.
Speaking of AFS Japan&USA, they let me stay with my host family who is the best host family ever!!! Or thanks to AFS Houston, I could take many violin lessons, and join the Virtuosi Youth Orchestra. And my host mother and liaison are always standing by me so I never got home sick. Thank you very much and I so enjoyed everything I was able to do this year, thanks to everyone’s support.”

2013年8月 アメリカ派遣
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