AFS留学生が小・中学校を訪問Part Ⅰ


Faego, an AFS 2018 year-program student from The Kingdom of Thailand, visited Fuse Elementary School and Yokota Junior High School in Okuizumo, Shimane, Japan on Jan. 17th and 18th. He made a stirring speech on the life of people in Thailand. “What sport is the most popular in Thailand?”, “Soccer!” “How many letters are there in the Thai language?”, “44 plus 15 vowel symbols!”, he replied to every question in detail.

AFS留学生学校訪問Part Ⅱ


Faego, an AFS 2018 year-program student from the Kingdom of Thailand, was very cool at Nita Junior High School in Okuizumo on Monday, Jan 21st? He concluded his incomparable speech on Thailand with his words that every student would surely reach for her/his dream! Thank you, Amano Sensei!



Faego, a 2018 year-program student from Thailand, visited MinarI Elementary School in Okuizumo, Shimane on Jan. 22nd. He was perfect in introducing the life of Thai people, the way of greeting and counting for the 5th-6th grade students. Please enjoy the lovely conversation between Faego and smart Minari kids, as follows:
?‍?‍?  What kind of Japanese food do you like?
? Ramen noodles.
?‍?‍?  What kind of animals do you like?
? Cats and Dogs. In Thailand big lizards sometimes appear around the puddle in my high school.
?‍?‍?  Oops! Aren’t they dangerous??
? They can be very fast in the water and they do bite if you attack them.
?‍?‍?  ………?

Faego sincerely appreciates the kindness of Principal Mr. Matsumoto, Matsuzaki Sensei, Fujii Sensei and all the students he met?


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