By Emiko Hashimoto, Kakehashi Project Team

Due to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, the 2019 Asia Kakehashi Project was ended on March 8, 2019, about two weeks before the planned return date. For seven months, the second batch lived in dorms and with host families and spent time with friends and teachers. It was a sudden farewell, but MEXT and AFS made the decision with highest priority on the students’ safety.
Before their return flights, students received program completion certificates. Every face reflected a feeling of accomplishment.
By March 10, all students returned safely to their home countries.

Student representative Reyes, Caster Troy (Philippines) receives certificate from Masaki Tsukada, International Understanding Education Specialist, MEXT

Speech by student representative at the Completion Certificate presentation (excerpts)
By Park, Jeehyun (Korea)

Before I came, relations between Korea and Japan were not very good, so I wondered if I would be okay, or if I shouldn’t go. But once I came to Japan, I realized that kind of thinking was useless. Many people were kind to me and helped me a lot. With my Japanese friends, I had lots of conversations about relations between Korea and Japan, politics and history. We gained understanding by listening to each other’s positions. Even if relations between the two countries are not good, if people meet and create relationships, it can naturally have a positive impact on national relations. I think this is precisely the objective of the Kakehashi Project.

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