Eleven AFS students stay in Oita and Fukuoka area got together and spent exciting two days with ‘senpais’ at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Oita on Oct 13-14!⁠

⁠On the first day, we held a campus tour, exchanges with university student volunteers including AFS Returnee, and ICL training by Professor Yuichi Kondo, college of Asia Pacific Studies. Through the training, all participants discussed about “where the differences in values come from”. The students stayed at the AP House on campus and enjoyed walking and table tennis at night.⁠

On the second day, some AFS returnees studying at APU explained in detail the state of university life and the international volunteer activities they were currently working on. A lot of questions came from the 11 students after explanation from our Returnee.⁠
It was a great opportunity for Kakehashi students to think about their “afterwards”, after returning to their own countries!⁠

Check Instagram for details of the activities:

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