“If you are told that you would gradually lose the ability to move your body, how would you spend your limited time?”


With friends in Japan

Interview with Dr. Dabiz Riaño, scientific emeritus at CSIC (Spain)

Mizuki Shimosaka, Student volunteer at AFS Tokyo youth division


AFS year in Jamaica

I studied in Jamaica through the AFS program from 1992 to 1993. The experience of living in a totally different culture gave me huge inspiration.

With host family in Jamaica
With friends in Jamaica

After graduating from university, I started working as a scientist globally. In 2008, during my prime of life, I was diagnosed with ALS. It was hard for me to accept the fact, but gradually I realized that I should try anything no matter what.
It has been 13 years since that day. I am now staying in Japan for four months as an invited researcher and doing some scientific research at Chiba University.

Death comes equally to all human beings, not just ALS patients. Therefore, people should not abhor death but should face it with a positive attitude. I believe that life shines when we face death. The time of every life is precious, so I would like youth to try everything and make their dreams come true.

Childhood. With my sister who was and still is always there to support me

I have been actively taking action to make my dreams come true. For example, traveling around Eastern Europe with the help of my friends, I starred in a documentary movie with myself as the main character.

Traveled around Eastern Europe with friends for six months, which became a documentary film, and was shown at the Malaga Film Festival in 2021

There are many things that I can do with the help of my friends, even if I cannot do them on my own. Ask for the help I need, cherish spending time with the people I meet, and affirm my life to the fullest. Always try to find a way to make your dreams come true.
That is my way of life.

At Yosemite, while researching in the U.S.
Comment from the interviewer:

To be honest, I was very nervous before meeting David because it was my very first time to
do an online interview in English, but he is such a friendly and warm person that I had a fulfilling time. As you know, even though sometimes life is hard and unexpected things can happen a lot, I will be able to look forward to my future by remembering David’s story.

The trailer of the movie “7 Lakes 7 Lives”