After my high school life in the U.S ended,, I had about 3weeks until the day I leave America. So I decided to enjoy last 3weeks stay with my friends and my host family. I was invited to many parties and went to see people. We did bonfire, fireworks, and ate huge toasted marshmallow. I was in the baseball team during school and the team held a farewell lunch party for all the seniors who played ball on their senior year. I was part of it. The place where it was held was the some sort of bar looking restaurant and has billiards tables, basketball court, volleyball court, and some arcade games. Everybody exchanged the baseball with the messages and their signature. I gave Japanese souvenir to my teammates. I would miss my teammates and coach.


After all, on the last week in the U.S, I spent time hanging out with my best friends here. I would never forget how much fun I had. I also went to see and took a tour at the city capital with my host mother. I took tons of pictures.

Finally the time had come. On 24th of June, most of all the AFS exchange students in Wisconsin became together in a place. I felt little sad at first but also glad to see them before I leave the country. We took some picture together, talked how we did during the stay, what we bought for friends back home, and stuff. Some of them were crying and they almost made me cry. Almost. Afterwards, I found many of the students from Japan were there too. Then we spoke in Japanese. All of us felt strange. We went through customs together. To be honest, I didn’t feel I’m going back to Japan. I just felt like I’m staying and continue my life in the U.S. Well, I came back home safely.

After I got home in Japan, I got back to Japanese high school. I became 19 years old this year. But I’m still in high school because I was temporary absent from school for a year and decided to come back a year ago. Now I’m learning with younger people; we felt little awkward at first, now they are really welcoming and nice to me. I’m going to study for university. I hope I’ll deserve it.

I would never forget about my wonderful year of studying abroad and I’m willing to take advantage of this great experience.

2013年8月 アメリカ派遣
AFS59期生/ジャパン・ソサエティーみちのく応援奨学生 三浦永太郎

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